the curious pancake 'sweary pencils'

  • $2099

Sweary Graphite Pencil Set (New and improved 2.0!) by Claire Senior


  • 6 x 2B graphite, hexagonal unsharpened pencils
  • an awesome carboard/plastic case to display the profanity
  • an inspirational quote on the reverse about swearing
  • a rainbow of coloured barrels 
  • 6 perfectly pink and pert erasers

Know any assfaces or twatting wankbags? Have a colleague or loved one who adores profanity? Want to stop people nicking your pencils? The Sweary Pencil Set is the answer to this and many more questions you never thought to ask!

These graphite pencils are printed in the UK, shade 2B. They are hexagonal, foil blocked and un-sharpened.

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