peropon self-watering planter 'dog' clover

  • $2295

This little self-watering planter - the Peropon Dog, is so kawaii & just totally adorable! Not to mention it comes with everything you need to grow your own little clover plant!

Just sit the little pupper in a sweet, sunny spot & watch a cute mini garden grow up & out from its back!

No need for a watering can, just fill the dish with water & ole mate here will lap it up through its tongue whenever the plant needs a drink. Such a cute addition to brighten up a windowsill in the kitchen, kids bedroom or office!

Package also comes with clover seeds just ready to grow!

Box contains ceramic animal planter, seeds, soil & water bowl.

Measures approximately 7cm(W) x 7.5cm(H) x 10cm(D)

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