men's ring 'chain spinner' silver

  • $3800

The spinner ring is believed to come from ancient Tibetan meditation traditions, and is called a “worry ring” because spinning is believed to have a calming effect on the mind & body. It is an awesome accessory to occupy idle hands & calm your mind. Spinner rings (also called worry rings) are frequently used as a stress relief tool, and are beloved by people with ADD everywhere. They have also been used to reduce nail-biting and other bad habits by keeping your hands busy.

NO BEARINGS OR LUBRICANT – The inner and outer rings have no lubrication between them, nor do they need any. They have no bearings or small parts that wear down over time. The rings are simply smooth steel bands held in smooth steel grooves. If they get dirty or gritty, just wash them in soapy water. No need to clean them with harsh chemicals, alcohol, or WD40! Just submerge them in warm soapy water, and firmly rub the spinning band against the groove to polish out stuck-in crud.

Crafted from genuine 316l stainless steel, anti-allergic / will never fade or rust, scratch resistant.

Width: 8mm.

Size 9

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