• $5199

You want a statement earring? Well ladies ... I'm calling it ... these amazing disco shell earrings are so 'next level statement', they're making all other statement earrings take a long hard look at themselves.

Laser cut multi-coloured acrylic cross & HUGE clear holographic shells, dropping to dreamy white tassels which sway in the breeze & make your hair look AWESOME ...

and ummm did I mention the HOLOGRAPHIC bit?! The shells catch so much amazing light when they do that shimmer shimmer thing that only holographs can do. It's mesmerising. Hypnotic. Totally freaking rad.


Boxed in a very stylish matt black box making these a beautiful gift. Give them to someone who's never given you the time of day and watch the tables turn! Or alternatively, keep them for you ... become one with the holographic-ness & go find some nice friends like you deserve.

Acrylic Shells Rectangle length - 6cm x 6cm 
Full length with tassel - 17cm 
Made with hyper allergenic earring pads 
Handmade In Adelaide, Australia 

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