• $2395

Like our supplier says ... Jesus alone cannot get you into the carpool lane. Whilst, each plastic Jesus figure sits atop a metal spring with an adhesive base, but does not constitute a passenger in the eyes of the law.

Damn!! oops I think I just blasphemed, sorry about that Jesus.

Jesus doesn't care if you drive a rusted old heap or a Ferrari, he judges you not by your method of transportation, but rather by the road you choose to take. This equal opportunist pretty much bobbles equally for all men. Don't feel like an atheist If you don't have a car, you can stick this little guy up anywhere that you could use a little peace, serenity or forgiveness.

  • 10cm approx tall plastic Jesus
  • On a metal spring with adhesive base
  • Stick him whererever you need instant forgiveness
  • Guides you through your daily drives.

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