elk necklace 'axel' moonlight


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elk necklace 'axel' moonlight
elk necklace 'axel' moonlight

Axel Necklace in Moonlight by Elk The Label!

The Axel Necklace is a simple, fine jewellery design with a bold, coloured disc upon a lightweight chain. The powder-coated metal features a stitched wire detail in a contrasting colour for added interest. 

  • Everyday Style
  • Bold Colour
  • Lightweight
  • 260mm Drop Length

Powder Coated Metal

Elk use a variety of techniques to make the Powder Coated Metal used in this piece, include casting, polishing and high-quality plating. The result is a super light, fine finish. The powder coating creates a sophisticated matte appearance.

The metal used in ELK jewellery is nickel free and meets the EU REACH standards. It can be recycled through kerbside recycling in many areas, or through specialist metal recyclers.

elk necklace 'axel' moonlight
elk necklace 'axel' moonlight

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