wall sticker '3D butterflies 12 pack' green multi with pin


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3D Butterfly Wall Sticker Pack in Green Multi Tones!

Made from water resistant vinyl, these little beauties are stuck on with a small sticker square under the body & then the wings can be bent to achieve a fabulous 3D effect. Mixed pack of 12 different sizes, all in lovely green tones.

Please note, each pack is different & your item will have unique butterflies in it, images are only for reference & to show the different designs you may have a mix of in each pack. Trust me, they are ALL amazing...and are one of our best sellers!

This range comes with a safety pin instead of a magnet but still with double sided tape as well! Use on clothing, curtains or shoes for a fancy occasion!!

They're also reusable & really sturdy, so you can move them around (I use blue-tac!) & they'll last for ages. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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