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We're not out to offend, frighten the children, or cause Nanna to 'well I never!' ... honestly, we're not. What we are, is about context. Finding humour in things that are clearly MEANT in humour is a good thing. Let's save being offended for the big things going on in the world that are so wrong they need people to rail against them until change is made. This collection is NOT to harm or bully or be nasty. It's to remind us that laughter is JUST as important as fighting the good fight.
We LOVE how our days in the shop are filled with the sounds of laughter because admit it, it's the most beautiful sound to hear at ANY time ... and especially right now when the world needs to laugh & smile as much as we can to balance out all the shit stuff. Our customers love the things that relate to an in-joke or a hilarious nickname or remind them of a funny memory of a drunk disaster or a parenting fail or a shared embarrassing moment with their BFF. And why shouldn't they?
Not ALL of it has to appeal to ALL of us. It's ok. This collection is all about humour & not taking ourselves too seriously. It is NEVER about being mean or judgement or making people feel uncomfortable. So please please don't go getting all huffy. The title should be warning enough to read on if you're cool with it, but if you're someone who finds swearing offensive, regardless of the context? Then, ABORT ABORT! Head back to our more G-Rated collections & remember, EACH TO THEIR OWN. Opening this collection is a CHOICE.
NB: I saved this 'Dipshit' image a long time ago & have no idea who the original typography artist is ... if you know, please let ME know so I can tag ... if you ARE the artist ... same goes, I'd love to pass on your info ... also take a bow, because this has been in my mood book for YEARS.