kimba design earrings 'resin oval drops baby pink'

kimba design earrings 'resin oval drops baby pink'

  • $3900

A gorgeous pair of hand painted earrings - where art and design collide.

Bringing together Kimba's unique techniques with resin & her love of creativity & exploration of colour. Each piece is an individual work of art on a ‘resin’ canvas. No two are exactly the same.

Each pair has several layers or resin & each pour takes 24 hours to set. They are then hand painted, hand cut, sanded, buffed & drilled. Creating beautiful bespoke pieces, that feel like rice paper to touch & weigh about the same.

To look after your earrings, simply apply a small amount of olive oil every now and then and wipe off with a dry cloth. It simply adds a slight luster.

These resin earrings may also adjust to temperature, for example they may feel softer (like leather) in extreme heat. This is completely normal & they will adjust back when the temperature changes.

6 cm in length and 2.7 cm in diameter. Made with surgical steel posts.  

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