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Well it's sure been a crazy 7 months for us at the Tangerine Fox. The time has gone by in a blur, but now we're feeling fully settled and finding 'The Block' a truly awesome place to call home. We're surrounded by fabulous neighbours ... in particular Clarity Records, Soi38Groove HaircuttersThe Deli (makers of officially the yummiest soup EVER!!) who have all made us feel incedibly welcome. We're in an amazing part of the city, our building is full of cool small businesses & great people, and all in all we're feeling so blessed that here is where we landed when we jumped off that cliff into the unknown.

For us both I think the best thing about this adventure so far, has been meeting all the creative & inspiring artists, designers and makers whose unique wares we proudly sell in the shop. We absolutely love sharing these brands with you guys and supporting our local designers in the process ... being so inspired has meant that sourcing more of this talent has become somewhat of an obsession for us, which means you're gauranteed to see something different every time you visit the store.

The other big achievement worth noting, is that after much time, effort, painful aquisition of hitherto unneccessary computer skills, and a rapid increase in the amount of grey hairs on our heads ... we launched our online store a couple of months ago YAY! We didn't want to only showcase a small amount of what we are in store, and as a result, the majority of what you'll find on the shelves is also online (hence the gray hair). We've been absolutely overwhelmed at what a positive response we've had & believe surely it'll be only a matter of mere months before we've achieved world domination! 

If you haven't already, look us up on Instagram and Facebook (links on the homepage) where we will run regular giveaways, promotions and other exciting things that we're really just making up as we go but having a lot of fun doing it!!

So pop on by if you're looking for that quirky gift, some stylin' japanese ceramics or a cool piece of jewellery (that won't be found on everyone). We'd love to see you.

This is over and out from our first blog post ... stay tuned for many more as we feature different artists and brands, dish out inspiration in all forms and just generally share the fox love.


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